Frequently Asked Questions

Tripple Capital enables investors to access the digital economy through a family of secure, regulated, and future-forward investment products.

It’s really simple, you can just click here to register an account. Complete our simple KYC process. Then invest in any available opportunity listed on the Investment Plans page after reviewing the details about the same.

Yes, you can invest in any number of plans as per your comfort. Diversification is always an advisable investment strategy and by offering you the ability to make smaller investments we encourage you to invest in more than one plan.

Any individual over the age of 18 years having a valid identity card can invest. Investment options provided on Tripple Capital offer advantages Growing your money by choosing us as your investment broker/service provider. We will invest your money in cryptocurrency.

Tripple Capital also follows ultracareful due diligence and risk mitigation processes before listing investment Plans. However, investors must be aware that the returns are not guaranteed and hence investors’ discretion is advised.

To provide you with maximum flexibility in choosing an investment amount, we aim to keep the minimum investment amount as low as possible. However, the minimum amount for any investment opportunity is never lower than $250 dollars. This amount varies from plan to plan and you can check the asset’s page for more details.

It may vary from plan to plan, we currently support daily, weely and monthly ROI and hence you are requested to check the plans page for specific details.

You will be kept updated on the performance and returns received via monthly reports made available through emails.

Your returns will be credited to your member wallet with you can withdraw directly into your bank account or via cryptocurrency of your choice. The process is rather simple, fast and efficient and your withdrawals will be prcessed within 12 hours.

No, users do not face the risk of losing money by engaging with our services. At Tripple Capital, we prioritize the security and financial well-being of our users. Our team is dedicated to implementing robust security measures and best practices to safeguard your investments. Additionally, we provide thorough guidance and transparent information to help users make informed decisions. While all investments carry inherent risks, our commitment is to minimize these risks and foster a secure environment for your financial endeavors. Your trust and financial safety are our top priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions